Decarbonization of IFAT Brasil

Sustainable solutions in every sense

Did you know that Ambify will decarbonize IFAT Brasil in relation to protocol 1 and 2 of the GH?

How will the decarbonization of IFAT Brasil be carried out?

After measuring emissions, internationally certified carbon credits are used. These carbon credits can come from forestry projects, land management solutions, alternative energy sources, among others.

How important is it to decarbonize the event?

We are in an era where the imbalance between nature and human evolution is under extreme scrutiny. We’re already talking about regenerating rather than preserving, so we can see that this agenda is present in all companies, people and organizations, and everyone’s engagement is now a priority in order to maintain our planet as we know it.

Through this practice, we can spread decarbonization and bring the issue closer to everyone, so the chain will extend exponentially until it becomes a daily routine practice.

What is the process for calculating the event’s CO2 footprint?

The calculation is based on the expected emissions during the event. The relevance of the calculations is aligned with the expected number of people, exhibitors, staff, team travel, meals, in short, all the emission factors are considered so that the calculation is close to realization. After the event, with the information checked, adjustments are made. 

João Valente – Digital Assets Director 

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