How to Get

São Paulo Expo:

São Paulo Expo hosts IFAT Brasil because it is the Best Pavilion in Latin America, recognized by the entire market. It has first-world infrastructure, air-conditioning, covered parking, among many other differentials. It also complies with the IFAT Brasil initiatives, with the seal certifying that the electricity consumed in the pavilion comes from a renewable source, guaranteeing a commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Go to the Jabaquara subway station (Line 1 – Blue). Once there, you can choose one of the options below:

Take bus 605A-10 Centro Paralímpico on platform A of the EMTU terminal.

Request a cab or car by app.

Walk for 900m.

Use the free transfer.

If you prefer, use a private car with complete comfort:

The São Paulo Expo parking lot has over 6000 spots.

For your safety, avoid stopping on the street and cooperate with traffic in the area:

There are several licensed parking lots around São Paulo Expo.

How to get to São Paulo Expo:
Imigrantes highway,
1.5 km, Vila Água Funda,
São Paulo – SP, 04329-900