Venue: São Paulo Expo
Admission: Free

The IFAT Brasil Congress makes a substantial contribution to technological exchange and professional development, emphasizing the importance of the market and business related to environmental technologies in Brazil and worldwide. With a comprehensive selection of more than 15 panels over the three days of the fair, the program will be marked by the presence of major players such as BNDES, ANA, ABREN, Isle Utilities, German Water Partnership, Abiogás, ABREMA, ISWA, ABPC and other national and international partners seeking to respond to current demands for growth and sustainable development in the sector, promoting quality improvement and specialized knowledge for professionals working throughout the industry.

24apr10:0011:0010:00 - 11:00(GMT+00:00) Guest Reception: IFAT Brazil Opening CeremonyPalestrantes Add to calendar

24apr10:0012:3010:00 - 12:30(GMT+00:00) Opening CeremonyGovernment Opening PanelPalestrantes Add to calendar

24apr10:3018:3010:30 - 18:30(GMT+00:00) Reverse Osmosis Panel: Paths of Permeated WaterPalestrantes See full schedule

24apr13:3015:0013:30 - 15:00(GMT+00:00) ABREMA PanelThe panorama of dumps’ ending                           Palestrantes See full schedule

24apr15:0016:0015:00 - 16:00(GMT+00:00) Part 1 - EUCD - EUROPEAN UNION CLIMATE DIALOGUESReducing Emissions Through Sustainable Biogas and Biomethane ProductionPalestrantes See full schedule

24apr16:0020:0016:00 - 20:00(GMT+00:00) AHK Brazil - Germany PanelSanitation, Resources Management and Circular EconomyPalestrantes See full schedule

25apr08:0011:0008:00 - 11:00(GMT+00:00) Part 2 - EUCD - EUROPEAN UNION CLIMATE DIALOGUESReducing Emissions Through Sustainable Biogas and Biomethane ProductionPalestrantes See full schedule

25apr09:3017:0009:30 - 17:00(GMT+00:00) Too Good To Waste - BIDWASTE MANAGEMENT TO MITIGATE METHANE        Palestrantes See full schedule

25apr11:0013:0011:00 - 13:00(GMT+00:00) AMBIPAR PanelSponsor IFAT Brasil - Latin America's largest environmental management companyPalestrantes Add to calendar

25apr13:0014:3013:00 - 14:30(GMT+00:00) ISWA - International Panel: Latin America and Caribbean ChapterAnalyzing the Waste Sector, its Technologies and Latin American AdvancesPalestrantes See full schedule

25apr14:3016:0014:30 - 16:00(GMT+00:00) ABCP PanelThe Cement Industry's Transformative Role in the Circular Waste EconomyPalestrantes See full schedule

25apr16:0017:0016:00 - 17:00(GMT+00:00) ABREMA - ABIOGÁS PanelPanel parliamentary on the green economy: Waste, the fuel of the futurePalestrantes See full schedule

25apr17:0020:0017:00 - 20:00(GMT+00:00) AIDIS PanelThe Panorama of Sanitation in Latin AmericaPalestrantes See full schedule

26apr09:0010:0009:00 - 10:00(GMT+00:00) TRATA Brasil PanelBasic sanitation deprivation profile and innovative solutions for vulnerable areasPalestrantes See full schedule

26apr10:0011:3010:00 - 11:30(GMT+00:00) ISLE Utilities PanelARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR WATER AND SEWAGE MANAGEMENTPalestrantes Add to calendar

26apr11:3013:0011:30 - 13:00(GMT+00:00) Government Panel – ANA/BNDES/SABESPRegularization of the sanitation market and organization of regional universalization blocksPalestrantes See full schedule

26apr13:0016:0013:00 - 16:00(GMT+00:00) SINDESAM - ABIMAQ PanelTECHNOLOGY MADE IN BRAZIL TO BRING THE COUNTRY FROM THE FUTURE TO THE PRESENTPalestrantes See full schedule


ATTENTION: Participation in the conference lectures is on a first-come, first-serve basis and is subject to room capacity. Registration does not guarantee participation. We recommend that registrants arrive early.

(*) Programming subject to change until the date of the event.

22aprAll Day(All Day: monday)(GMT+00:00) VT CTR SeropédicaConcessionaire CICLUS: Waste Management, Biogas Valorization (Biomethane and Electricity), Slurry Treatment (Reverse Osmosis and MBR) and Rio de Janeiro Transshipment Station.Palestrantes Add to calendar

23aprAll Day(All Day: tuesday)(GMT+00:00) VT Concessionária ECOURBISSelective collection, mechanized sorting and waste transfer – São Paulo (morning) Palestrantes Add to calendar

24aprAll Day(All Day: wednesday)(GMT+00:00) VT Caieiras landfillEssencis/SOLVI – São Paulo (afternoon)Palestrantes Add to calendar

25aprAll Day(All Day: thursday)(GMT+00:00) VT New Opersan Water Treatment PlantOzonization and Energy EfficiencyPalestrantes Add to calendar

26aprAll Day(All Day: friday)(GMT+00:00) VT TERA Ambiental Wastewater Treatment PlantEffluent and Sludge TreatmentPalestrantes Add to calendar

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